12 December 2018
Published A Quantitative Approach to Book-Printing in Sweden and Finland, 1640–1828

12 December 2018
Significantly improved CRAN release for the pxweb R package. Automated access to data from dozens of statistical authorities globally.

11 December 2018
Leo Lahti nominated to Digital Humanities advisory board by National Library of Finland

6 December 2018
Presentation on microbiome data science at European Bioconductor Meeting 2018 in Munich (Slides (PDF)).

5 December 2018
Best oral poster for Anna Aatsinki in Turku Computational Life Science meeting. Congratulations!

5 December 2018
Dr. Elin Org from University of Tarto and Dr. Umer Ijaz from Glasgow University on a research visit in our lab!

22 November 2018
Invited lecture on population cohort studies of the human microbiome at ICMR2018, Pune, India.

14 November 2018
Trends in data science. Presentation at KELA, Finland.

26 October 2018
Hierarchical stochastic time series analysis presented by Ville Laitinen in IDA 2018.

24 October 2018
Talk on Open Data Science in Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA2018) (PDF)

17 September 2018
EMBL/EMBO Human Microbiome talk in Heidelberg by Leo Lahti (PDF)

17 September 2018
Poster presentation at EMBL/EMBO Human Microbiome poster in Heidelberg by Ville Laitinen (PDF)

28 August 2018
Academic publisher prices for 2017 released by MoE

15 August 2018
Open Data Science IDA preprint available.

23 July 2018
New release of the eurostat R package in CRAN.

22 July 2018
Review published on microbial communities as dynamical systems.

21 July 2018
Presentation accepted to Helsinki StanCon 2018 by Ville Laitinen.

14 July 2018
Stool Microbiota Composition Differs in Patients with Stomach, Colon, and Rectal Neoplasms published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences journal.

12 July 2018
Two papers accepted in Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) 2018.

31 June 2018
Stability estimation of autoregulated genes under Michaelis-Menten type kinetics published in Phys. Rev. E.

28 June 2018
Signatures of ecological processes in microbial community time series published in Microbiome journal.

19 June 2018
Open Research Policy published by University of Turku, with contributions from our lab.

10 June 2018
Leo Lahti joins editorial board of Versus journal.

6 June 2018
Quantitative analysis of public discourse in Europe 1470-1910. Presentation in Benelux Digital Humanities Conference, Amsterdam, by Simon Hengchen.

4-6 June 2018
Numerical ecology research workshop; co-organized with Prof. Umer Ijaz in Glasgow, UK

28-30 May 2018
Open and reproducible microbiome data analysis - Int’l summer school in Wagningen, Netherlands

21 May 2018
Anastasia Karavaeva joins the team as a MSc student - welcome!

17 May 2018
Finnish research libraries release full agreements with academic publishers following our recent FOI request.

16 May 2018
Joonatan Palmu joins as a new co-supervised PhD student - welcome!

3 May 2018
Academy of Finland consortium funding for health research 2018-2022.

30 April 2018
Book chapter published by Gaudeamus Digitaaliset ihmistieteet ja historiantutkimus

1 April 2018
Aaro Salosensaari is joining our team as a new PhD student - welcome!

7-9 March 2018
Digital Humanities in the Nordics 2018 Conference in Helsinki, Finland

9 March 2018
Registration open to Open Science workshops in DHN2018, Helsinki

26 February 2018
Introduction to probabilistic programming Workshop in VIB/KU Leuven, Belgium

January 31 2018
Report with systematic evaluation tools and analysis of open science performance of nine large academic publishers is out!
Open publishing

23 January 2018
Story in Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish) on our research in computational history.

December 2017
Open Science and Research award of the Ministry of Education and Culture for Open Knowledge Finland Open Science work group!

July 2017
Eurostat R package published