Courses and seminars

3-4/2020 University of Turku. Machine Learning and Algorithmics Seminar (TKO_3121 5 op).

2018-2019 Research seminar and journal club on machine learning and data science.

Dec 16-20, 2019 Pune, India Modern statistics for microbiome bioinformatics.

Oct 14-16, 2019 Wageningen University and Research Center, The Netherlands Intestinal microbiome of humans and animals. VLAG Graduate School course.

Sep 2-4, 2019 Singapore Centre for Environmental and Life Science Engineering
Contemporary themes in microbiome data science.

Sep 12-13, 2019 Nijmegen
Advanced statistical techniques in microbiome bioinformatics

Sep 16-18, 2019 KU Leuven
International summer school on microbial community modeling

5/2018 Wageningen, The Netherlands
International spring school on open and reproducible microbiome data analysis

2/2018 VIB/KU Leuven, Belgium
Introduction to probabilistic programming. Lecture slides ODP; PDF

9/2017 KU Leuven
International summer school on microbial network analysis

12/2016 University of Helsinki, Finland
Conference on Philosophy and History of Open Science (#PHOS16)

Teaching software

7/2017 UseR2017!
An open framework for creating and assessing exercises for R courses

Tutorials and Data

Tutorial on microbiome data analysis

Eurostat open data analysis

Finnish open government data analysis

Finnish geospatial data visualization in R

Open data for exercises

Presentation material

See a separate page for presentation slides and other material