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Versus is an online research forum published by Society for Regional and Environmental Studies, Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science, and Geographical Society of Finland. It aims to make research more visible and effective by publishing popularized versions of scholarly work and providing an academic discussion forum. Editorial board.

Video lectures and interviews

Presentation slides, posters and other material available via Github and SlideShare

2/2017 Academy of Finland video blog

9/2015 Open Peer Review in Academic MindTrek, Tampere

2/2014 Open science interview University of Helsinki, Finland.

9/2012 Apps4Finland interview

4/2012 Open Tools for Open Data in Finland, SHARE Conference, Belgrade, Serbia

1/2012 Avoimen datan soRvi-kirjaston esittely (in Finnish) (video 1 video 2 video 3);

6/2010 Dependency Modeling Toolkit, ICML/MLSS Workshop. Haifa, Israel.

Presentation slides

PDF/OpenOffice source files here. See also separate page on teaching material.

International summer school on microbial network analysis in Leuven, Belgium Sep 11-13, 2017. Lecture slides R Tutorial

rOpenGov: a community project for open government data in Brussel UseR! Conference, 7/2017

The semantics of data integration, Brussels, Belgium 2/2017

Human microbiome: from individuals to populations, Oulu, Finland 2/2017

Population-level profiling of the human microbiome, Lunteren, The Netherlands 2/2017

Printing in a Periphery: a Quantitative Study of Finnish Knowledge Production, 1640-1828 Krakow, Poland, 7/2016.

Population-level microbiome profiling studies Brussels, Belgium, 2016.

Digital humanities and open science Helsinki, Finland, 2016.

Opportunities and challenges in large-scale microbiome profiling studies Turku, Finland 9/2016.

Further slides available via Github and SlideShare


rOpenGov Co-authored blog on open data analysis
Louhos Finnish blog on open government data analysis
opencomp Open research blog

Selected posters

Opportunities and challenges in large-scale microbiome-profiling studies Biocity symposium, Turku, Finland 2016.

Human intestinal microbiota dynamics and stability in large population cohorts
International Human Microbiome Conference 2015.

Diversity and Stability analysis of the Human Gut Microbiota from Birth to Retirement

Fully scalable online­preprocessing approach for large­scale gene expression atlases European Conference on Computational Biology, Basel 2012.